Fri, Sept 5 - Soundfarm Band

In real life, the band is an ever changing group with Ken Nelson and Richard Lucas being the constant hub that are attracted to musicians we join with. On the CD is: Ken Nelson (vocals, guitars, keyboards,flutes), Richard Lucas (bass, vocals, percussions), Christian Heilman (drums, engineer extraordinaire), Paul Beck (guitar), Stefan Schittko (keyboard), Bill Valaire (guitar), Ted Tafaro (sax), Scott Durbin (trumpet), Ariah Firefly (vocals), with special guests Jeff Pevar (guitars on Take a Spin and Strange) Alice Dimicele (vocals on Take a Spin).

My closest musical friends and I have been inspired to recreate 12 songs written by Ken Nelson from our past band days. 

Over 4 years ago we began this project at Radio Star Studio in Weed, California. 

We took 3 days to track basic drum and rhythm tracks with a core band of Ken Nelson, Richard Lucas, Christian Heilman, Paul Beck, and Stefan Schitko. 

Then Christian Heilman, took all the Radio Star tracks and constructed song structures with all the best tracked parts, and then we, being Christian, Ken and Richard, proceeded to overdub many many tracks where many wonderful players added their talents. They are mentioned above in the members who added their sounds.

All overdub tracks were done by the same three of us on our macbook pros with an apogee duet interface. Most vocal and string and horn arrangements were inspired by Richard Lucas (with ideas from the players) with some additions by Ken Nelson when overdubbing his vocal harmonies.

This recording project was inspired by Christian Heilman- drummer/recording engineer: , Richard Lucas-bassist/arranger, recording engineering and Ken Nelson/songwriter, vocals and recording engineering: 
Some say it reminds them of the way Steely Dan put their first album together, gathering players from all over until they found the sounds they were looking for. 

This is most certainly a studio creation (our first ever!), and we hope our experiment finds pleasure in YOUR ears!

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