Jan 9 - Jive Coulis

Eric Leadbetter and Jordan Mack started jive coulis with Tyler Hale back in 2005. They released their first demo in 2006 which was recorded at immersion studios in boulder, CO.

They then released their first album, self titled jive coulis, in 2008. They toured all over colorado for 3 years before deciding to move out west to Oregon. On the trip out west, the gents joined forces with the Teton songwriter tour, and played gigs in, WY,ID,OR, and CA.

After the tour they relocated to ashland Oregon where they reformed jive coulis and are now touring from the Rockies to the west coast. They released their second album, sauce, in 2012. They are due to release their third album in spring 2014.

They are now joined be the talented Collin Braley on drumset, which is bringing the music to an all time high. the driving force behind Braleys drums, invites people to boogie and thrash all night long! They have developed a unique rock style that can only be heard at a jive coulis concert. Their veggie oil powered tour bus, Sharleena, has seen many states and and is ready for many more miles of touring this great country. Many people have described jive coulis's music as "freeing", and "wild". Check out a show and you will see why.


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